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Mancala Australia (19% owned)

Since its incorporation, Mancala has completed more than 100 projects in Australia and internationally. Established in 1990, it commenced operations as a narrow vein mining company supplying high-grade lead and zinc ore. Mancala subsequently expanded to provide mining services, eventually establishing itself as a major shaft construction provider in East Australia’s mining sector.

Outside of Australia, Mancala has completed a robust portfolio of international projects in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Botswana and Indonesia. It also operates Vietnam’s largest nickel mine, located in the country’s Son La Province.

As governments in emerging markets such as China emphasise sustainable development for the mining industries, Sapphire is actively exploring potential contracts and strategic alliances for Mancala. The Group aims to develop new revenue streams and improve asset utilisation for Mancala by offering services such as technological upgrades and environmental protection.

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