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Corporate Development

Key Corporate Milestones


December 2017

  • Appointment of New CEO, Ms. Wang Heng
  • Appointment of New Independent Directors, Mr. Oh Eng Bin and Mr. Zhai Guiwu
  • Growing Multinational Enterprise Award conferred by Chengdu Government
  • FY2017 Full Year Results - Secured RMB2.2 billion worth of contracts. Posts Profit of RMB44.4 million (announced in February 2018)

August 2017

  • Certified as High-Tech Enterprise by Sichuan Competent Authorities

May 2017

  • Entry into strategic partnerships with Beijing Enterprises Water Group and China Railway Investment Group to explore water treatment and municipal environmental protection projects

Corporate Transformation


December 2016

  • Signs SPA for disposal of 81% stake in Mancala (completed in February 2017)
  • FY2016 Full Year Results – Secured RMB 1.7 billion worth of contracts. Posts Profit of RMB 46.8 million (announced in February 2017)

November 2016

  • Capital Weekly’s Listed Enterprise Excellence Award, the first by a company listed outside Hong Kong

March 2016

  • Appointment of Ms Wang Heng and Mr Cheung Wai Suen as Executive Directors; their extensive experience in China’s civil engineering and construction sector is expected to benefit the Group


December 2015

  • Ranken Secures Significant Railway Infrastructure Contracts
  • FY2015 Full Year Results – Revenue almost doubles on three-month contributions from Ranken; Posts Profit of RMB29.5 million (announced in February 2016)

October 2015

  • Completion of Acquisition of Ranken

September 2015

  • EGM – Obtained shareholders’ approval for Acquisition of Ranken



December 2014

  • Completion of Divestment of Steel Business
  • FY2014 Full Year Results – Reverses Three Years of Losses to Post Profit for FY2014 (announced in February 2015)

November 2014

  • Proposed Acquisition of Ranken (an earnings-accretive investment in rail infrastructure)

July 2014

  • EGM – Obtained shareholders’ approval for Divestment of Steel Business

April 2014

  • Proposed Divestment of Loss-Making Steel Business

January 2014

  • Completion of Acquisition of Mancala