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In 2007, China embarked on a national "speed-up" campaign, and rolled out its first bullet train line connecting Beijing to Tianjin in time for the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Since then, China has spent an estimated 2.4 trillion yuan building 22,000 kilometers of high-speed rail lines, more than the total railway length in 1949 when the People's Republic of China was founded.

With our unrelenting pursuit of excellence, Ranken has been involved in railway construction projects for more than 14 years, which includes new railway line and existing lines, tunnels, extra-large bridges, and large-scale earthworks, among others.

Some of our railway projects are as follows:

  • Dazhou-Wanzhou Railway
  • Inner Mongolia-Kunming Railway
  • Zhuzhou-Liu Panshui Railway
  • Tibet-Hefei Railway
  • Handan-Huang Huagang Railway
  • North Station of Qingdao Railway
  • Kunming Railway Hubs.